New Year’s Day… the day of fresh starts! Millions of people (and almost half of all American adults) make resolutions to live a better life in the coming year. It’s true that many will be broken, but research shows that people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than those who don’t, and almost half are still on track a full six months later! Whether or not resolutions stick, there is still something wonderful about that moment of intentional living. Just believing that it’s possible to change, to be a better person in this world, is worth celebrating. That’s why Public Strategies has commemorated New Year’s Day with our partners and our extended network — the people we call friends — for almost two decades. Here is a sampling of the packages sent in recent years…

  • The Rest of the Story

    We tend to tell shortened versions of our personal histories, sometimes omitting the individuals and connections who helped us succeed. Just as those relationships were key to our success, we likewise can be the key to others’ opportunities as we build vibrant communities where everyone can thrive.

  • Growth is Beautiful

    Shells have been revered for their beauty and uniqueness throughout history. A shell’s complex exterior develops over time, using materials from the world around them — each layer an artful expression of its growth.

  • Restore and Renew

    Kintsugi is “the art” of precious scars,” where broken pieces of pottery are made beautiful and more resilient by mending the shards together with pure gold paint. In 2021, may we all emerge stronger in the places we’ve been broken.

  • New Angles

    What we see in the world around us depends, in part, on our perspective. Prisms illustrate this concept beautifully, bending light to reveal surprising dimensions, riveting angles, and a stunning spectrum of color. Wishing you the joy of discovery and unlimited imagination in 2020, and may you see the world in captivating new ways!

  • Sweet Times Together

    Public Strategies celebrates the launch of 2019 by anticipating many sweet times ahead with friends and colleagues. Inspired by both Megpies, an artisan tart maker and childhood memories of toasty pop-tarts, our team created a unique set of paper tarts to share a few timely life lessons, Paired with a fresh, edible tart for the microwave, exploring this box of simple reflections is full sensory experience!

  • What will you treasure in the new year?

    Treasure by Choice

    People think of $2 bills as rare because they view it as something special, but more than 1.2 billion $2 bills are in circulation worldwide. Still, they choose to treasure it. Imagine if we all treated the people around us the same way. In 2018, we’re choosing to treasure those around us and, in turn, to shape our world for good.

  • Fresh Perspective

    New Year’s Day brings the promise of fresh beginnings and new ways to see the things that may blind us from seeking a better future. It’s an opportunity to use a different lens, to shift our view so that we can observe people and places through a better filter.

  • New Year's Gift 2016

    Singular Strength

    The striking, distinctive patterns of an agate are forged through time and intense pressure. This agate serves to remind us of the singular strength, character and beauty that emerges from our unique life experiences.

  • New Year's Gift 2015

    Silver Anniversary

    In celebration of our silver anniversary—and the incredible people and experiences we have encountered over the past 25 years—we sent luggage tags for our friends to enjoy on their adventures.

  • 2014-fresh-start


    “Always Be Exploring … And Never Lost.” With a compass in hand to help navigate life’s many adventures, may your 2014 be marked by a clear sense of purpose and the great joy of discovery!

  • Fresh Starts 2013

    Step Up

    We challenged our own traditions in 2013 with a “half-time” celebration in July that included pedometers as inspiration to “Step Up” and make the most of the year’s second half.

  • Fresh Starts 2012

    Year of Change

    With Public Strategies moving to new headquarters and undergoing major renovations in 2012, our Year of Change 2012 challenged all of us to share our hopes for change by committing resolutions to paper and sharing them with others.

  • Fresh Starts 2011

    Decision Making

    In 2011, Slides and Ladders, a game created by Public Strategies, encouraged players to practice intentional decision making in the new year.

  • Fresh Starts 2010

    Change Project

    Our 2010 Change Jar inspired ourselves and others to save their coins so that together we could each make a difference in someone’s life during the upcoming year.

  • Fresh Starts 2009

    Cultural Traditions

    In 2009, Benne wafers, a traditional sesame cookie from Africa, gave us a glimpse of another culture’s representation of prosperity.

  • Fresh Starts 2008

    Richly Blessed

    In 2008, chocolate coins wrapped inside shiny gold foil made us all feel rich and richly blessed!

  • Fresh Starts 2007


    In 2007, we shared black-eyed peas as a symbol of hope for wealth and prosperity!

  • Fresh Starts 2006


    Our 2006 Party-in-a-Box reminded our friends to celebrate a time of new beginnings!