While most organizations are driven by what they do, we are organized around a belief that we can do something so significant, we can change both the way the world thinks and the way that change happens in the world. We approach our mission with clarity and energy in ways that inspire others to join in our work. Our mission statement is not merely words framed and hung on the wall, but a deep, constantly pursued sense of what our organization is about.  As the years go by, and the “what we do” changes, we never lose sight of why Public Strategies is here.

missionstatement SM

Public: Public Strategies is all about people … as individuals and grouped together as “publics.” We are committed to developing communication tools that compel various publics to action.  Sometimes that means repurposing those tools to make them accessible and meaningful to people who see the world in different ways. To do that, we constantly seek the very best people to join in the Public Strategies mission.

Strategies: Informed by research, our actions are driven by reason, best practices and strategic thinking. Our organization helps others to develop and enact strategic plans rather than merely exist on a day-to-day diet of reactive behaviors.

Culturally diverse: We are an organization that celebrates the differences in people — a team that embodies a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds, educational accomplishments and professional experiences. We are energized by a rich diversity of characteristics, culture and world views.

Professionally diverse: We set high benchmarks for character, corporate culture, quality and performance by combining the work of highly educated professionals with people whose education is born of a lifetime of experiences. We seek professional credentials to ensure that our expertise aligns with national standards, provides customers with confidence in our ability and broadens the services we can offer to clients.

Committed: Our commitment to others runs deep, so when Public Strategies signs up for something, we’re ALL IN work with an “all hands on deck” approach.

Helping organizations: We help organizations create internal cultures that position them as change vehicles, and as such, are key to helping achieve good in the world.

Reaching full potential: At Public Strategies, we embody the belief that “being your best” matters and we help others achieve that same standard, understanding that when people change for the better, the world around them changes.

Maximizing impact: Our actions are designed to cause the greatest benefit for others. We help systems, organizations, and individuals to get the most out of opportunities and we strive to make a considerable, measurable, and lasting impact from all that we do.

Public good: At Public Strategies, we understand and regularly celebrate “why we do what we do.” We do it for the public good.