Our vision frames every aspect of our work and resonates through each area of our organization.


We aspire to be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be, to respect diversity and to invest in individual growth.

  • Nurture a quality workforce that is culturally and professionally diverse with training and leadership opportunities at all levels
  • Emphasize collaborative problem-solving by employing the healthy relationships skills we teach through our nationally recognized programs
  • Be a model of expertise, innovation and collaboration with public and private clients


We believe in the benefit of our work and we embrace opportunities to help others realize their full potential.

  • Benefit the public good through a creative approach to addressing critical, social challenges
  • Develop proactive and comprehensive solutions for our clients, partners, program participants and the communities we serve


We provide diverse services and strategies that are relevant and contribute to the public good.

  • Advance our reputation as a leader in the Healthy Relationships/Family Strengthening field and maximize the benefit of current funding
  • Diversify our business into related policy and program areas, including workforce development, health and education


We build bridges to benefit those we serve through communication, commitment, trust and ongoing community learning opportunities.

  • Engage community partners and enhance outreach strategies to support and grow existing projects
  • Enhance business development strategies to encourage and support community activism


We align efficiency, quality and innovation in all of our work, embracing challenges and creating measurable results.

  • Create opportunities to demonstrate a 360° perspective on programs – from concept to implementation, through research, evaluation and performance-based management
  • Strengthen our infrastructure to support effective business development and management practices
  • Maintain our commitment to deliver services that reflect the highest standards of our industry