Citizen Potawatomi Nation sought a full marketing and public relations strategy that would support the tribes various endeavors. We supported them by:

  • Creating signs and posters to promote programs, events and community outreach opportunities
  • Creating a variety of websites for each program
  • Market research to identify target markets and their needs
  • New branding for each property as well as matching collateral
  • Promote events to the media as well as the local community
  • Photo and video production for TV commercials
  • Inter-department connections for better collaboration

With the variety of services offered by the tribe, target audiences varied in age, disposable income, background, interests and hobbies. They also needed a unified brand to complement a number of individual brands with unique characteristics. Working within the tribe’s direction while also mastering the specific needs of each entity was a never-ending challenge.

We worked with each individual tribal entity to ensure that they were on board and supportive of the comprehensive branding strategy. We promoted tribal events and business units in local communities as well as the greater metro area. We secured a regular cooking segment on the morning news as well as promotion of events and attractions throughout the year.

As a result of this comprehensive marketing plan, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation gained:

  • Significant growth in each business and in their overall customer base
  • The ability to expand or develop new outreach opportunities
  • Significant news coverage to show the economic impact of the tribal community
  • Expansion into other areas
  • New customers, visitors and patrons
  • An email database of over 15,000

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