Family Expectations (FE) is a free, evidence-based program for couples who are pregnant or just had a baby in Oklahoma County. Each year, FE serves around 1,000 couples, mostly with incomes under $20,000.

The primary goal for FE is recruiting new couples to the program. Family Expectations needed a new logo with updated visuals, enhanced legibility, and lasting appeal with target audiences. In addition, FE’s messaging and collateral materials needed rethinking to better support FE recruitment.

In preparation for the rebranding, Public Strategies held multiple focus groups and asked for comments from participants, staff, and individuals with no prior knowledge of the program. The information captured during these focus groups was used to conceptualize new designs. Once the new logo designs had been drafted, we revisited focus group feedback to ensure a look compatible with the information collected through the market research. Public Strategies then applied the new branding across all existing materials (outdoor and online advertising, website, social media, promotional materials, fliers, etc.)

In conjunction with this logo redesign, Public Strategies revamped FE’s messaging to closely align it with program goals. The purpose of FE is to strengthen the relationship of the couple bringing a new baby into the world so that baby grows up in more stable surroundings. Accordingly, PS decided on, “Grow as a couple while you grow as a family,” for the messaging. This verbiage clearly identifies the target audience while focusing on another critical program aspect: the mother and father growing together in their relationship.

The Family Expectations logo designed by Public Strategies is friendly, modern, and refined, without looking overly polished or corporate. Through the use of a wordmark (text-only) logo, Public Strategies kept the emphasis on the organization’s name—and mission. Focus is placed on the word “family,” which visually embraces “expectations,” forming a unified mark. The gentle curves of the letterforms give the logo an organic, approachable quality, and lowercase typesetting evokes a casual tone. The color is gender neutral and optimistic, conveying hope to couples seeking FE services.

Public Strategies produced a number of new collateral materials that leverage the powerful new branding and messaging. In the year following the launch of the new brand, FE has seen increased referrals across the following mediums: television, newspaper, radio, billboard ads, bus stop ads, Facebook, the FE website, online ads, and magazines. These gains demonstrate the effectiveness of the new branding and messaging in achieving core FE program objectives.

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