Comprehensive, research-informed services and solutions for maximizing the impact of government initiatives

Public Strategies (PS) is a highly respected project management and strategic planning firm accomplished in moving research to practice, designing program models, and creating interventions that have proven effective in rigorous research studies. A woman-owned small business, Public Strategies provides client-centered services including:

  • Consulting and providing technical assistance to federal and state agencies (as well as their funded programs) in the areas of relationships and marriage, fatherhood, violence prevention, job/career advancement, pregnancy prevention, child support, TANF, criminal justice, education, and child welfare
  • Viewing issues from a 360° perspective to include research, policy, and practice
  • Maintaining a strong, multi-disciplinary team to help solve complex social problems, with staff experienced in human services, public policy, communications, education, business, marketing, criminal justice, the faith sector, international relief, and workforce development
  • Convening meetings and events to disseminate information and engage in meaningful dialogue
  • Creating effective partnerships with both the public and private sectors and engaging a wide range of stakeholders to contribute to project goals and solutions
  • Operating quality direct service programs and documenting promising practices to inform field discussions about program improvements, data management, project benchmarking, participant experience, replicability, and sustainability
  • Disseminating research and evaluation findings
  • Building program models based on evidence-based practices
  • Developing policy briefs that summarize research, promising practices, and/or strategy recommendations
  • Communicating with a variety of audiences, including facilitating trainings; speaking at policy, practitioner, and research conferences; and writing and designing  fact sheets, tip sheets, research briefs, etc.
  • Developing and operating websites and online learning communities
  • Building and managing high-performing teams to supply clients with the best collection of expertise to tackle the tasks presented through contracts
  • Coordinating with government agencies to integrate cutting-edge public policy ideas into established programs and launch new initiatives to improve their effectiveness, utilizing compatible business systems and practices