Sometimes we don’t like what we see in the world around us, but often the same places and situations can improve simply by shifting our perspective. Prisms illustrate this concept beautifully: As light moves through glass, it bends – revealing surprising dimensions, riveting angles, and a stunning spectrum of color.

In our annual tradition of using the New Year to both reflect and re-imagine, our 2020 mailer is designed to offer a fresh perspective on the captivating world all around us.

Here are a few ways prisms can help us remember that what we see depends, in part, on our perspective:

  • Life gone flat on you lately?
    Hold one end of the prism near your eye and rotate for a mesmerizing, kaleidoscope experience.
  • Clouds on the horizon?
    Learn how to create your own rainbows — in the most literal sense — with your prism.
  • No new worlds to explore?
    Regain your sense of wonder by delving into the fascinating science of prisms, light, and color.
  • A little overwhelmed?
    Use your prism as a tangible reminder that while your prism can weigh down your paperwork, paperwork should never weigh you down.

Wishing you the joy of discovery, unlimited imagination, and a fresh take on the wonders all around us!