POPS has been our client for more than six years. They needed comprehensive marketing including:

  • A fresh new look to re-energize the market
  • Dedicated PR efforts to expand their current market reach
  • Campaign development to drive traffic
  • Quick turnaround time on graphics
  • Audience-specific marketing pieces to reach audiences
  • The design of numerous products including an e-newsletter, social media templates, and collateral materials

As a fun retro throw back to the 1950s, Pops is often seen as something fun to do, but not a regular destination. We needed to build a regular customer base by increasing customer loyalty. We also needed to showcase the variety of pop coming into the store in order to drive traffic back. Another presented challenge was keeping the Pops experience fresh and exciting for visitors.

We’ve offered a variety of options to drive regular customers as well as event-specific traffic. In addition, we’ve created new billboards as well as ad campaigns, social media, and grass roots campaigns. We’ve reached out to the media to promote events, as well as conducting a general awareness campaign. Applying this information, we formed strategies to reach and target new audiences and grow the customer base.

As a result of this comprehensive public relations/marketing initiative:

  • Pops achieved record sales with our “Millionth Bottle Sold” Campaign
  • Merchandise sales have increased due to our new shirt and pop designs
  • We’ve engaged the local community with events like an annual Easter Egg Hunt and the Soda label coloring contest
  • New Point-of-Purchase displays have widen the base of regular soda sales

Pops has continued to grow over the last six years working with us. They have seen an increase in traffic from around the world as well as the local community. They have social media followers that like to interact with them. Our email blast campaigns help push specific sodas as well as in-store events. Pops has expanded to the two largest airports in Oklahoma with small branch stores serving customers traveling outside of Oklahoma and Pops has opened a new full-sized location in Nichols Hills.

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