Comprehensive, research-informed services and solutions

  • Strategic Consulting – Client-specific solutions, capacity-building, partnership cultivation, working group development, promising practices identification, development of accountability standards and subcontractor guidelines
  • Program Design – Needs and resource assessments, intervention and program design, implementation guideline development, recruitment and retention strategies, custom reporting, program evaluation plans, and goal, process and service delivery benchmarking
  • Project Management – Strategic planning, project and timeline development, client services and communications, and financial reports
  • Online Resource Centers – Design and development of online clearinghouses and resource centers, writing, editing, content management, graphic design, marketing services, and website analytics and reporting
  • Training & Technical Assistance – Program development and improvement, performance management, evaluation support, and recruitment and retention
  • Marketing & Communications – Graphic design, website design and management, copywriting, editing, branding and logo design, social media, e-newsletter design and optimization, dissemination strategies, market research, search engine optimization and audio/visual production