Public Strategies has a strong history of client-centered management and consulting services. Our innovation, professionalism and “whatever it takes” approach sets us apart from other firms. Our team has traveled the country to compare, contrast and recognize implementation trends. We have seen what can work for low-income individuals and families, Hispanic communities, rural settings, home visiting programs, and through volunteer-driven service delivery structures. In addition, we bring experience helping programs understand the challenges and pitfalls associated with political or media-driven oversight. Key consulting services include:

  • Building capacity among service providers to establish goals and service delivery benchmarks, manage volunteers, track progress and deliverables, establish subcontractor guidelines and accountability standards
  • Conducting strategic planning activities
  • Identifying opportunities for effective partnerships (with non-profits, state government, the federal government, and research entities) to maximize the utilization of limited funds
  • Developing program implementation guidelines and tools
  • Consulting on relevant evaluation strategies to ground best practices in current research
  • Presenting promising practices from across projects, especially when those projects are serving a similar target audience
  • Facilitating cross-agency working groups to design program models that are competitive at the federal and state level
  • Putting the right people in the right roles; improving accountability among staff and partners