For more than a decade, Public Strategies has worked to help states, communities, grantees, program staff, evaluators and others share and implement promising practices. We bring rich experience from direct service, state engagement, project evaluation and network development to our consulting and technical assistance (TA) approach. Our three-tiered TA strategy, T3, includes:

  • Topical TA – broadly available resources such as toolkits, written products, videos, etc.
  • Targeted TA – specific to the needs of an audience and provided strategically (such as a webinar for child welfare administrators on the importance of healthy marriage for stabilizing foster parents/placements)
  • Tailored TA – based on individual requests, this TA strategy is customized to solve a particular challenge or meet a specific need identified by the requester, and is provided by phone, web meetings, in-person meetings, and/or site visits.

Let our experience empower you to accomplish your goals. Below are a few of the unique elements that distinguish our TA efforts:

  • We have experience in research and evaluation which helps us approach TA from the perspective of outcomes and what will be measured.
  • We deliver services. Unlike the old adage, “Those who can’t, teach,” we have the perspective of, “Been there, tried that.” Our experience in direct service delivery adds credibility to our TA.
  • We think from an outsider’s perspective. Many TA providers bring this “third party” practice, but we offer more with the ability to view situations and needs from a policymaker, funder or media perspective.
  • We are a team of lifelong learners who have had the opportunity to watch and learn from others; we offer more than just our own experiences.