The Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE) contracted with Public Strategies for a comprehensive marketing and dissemination project including:

  • a literature review investigating the body of knowledge about dissemination
  • a framework exhibiting effective methods for disseminating information to target audiences
  • market research to identify audience preferences and inform resource development
  • an Integrated Strategic Marketing Plan to guide the agency’s communications
  • audience-specific marketing plans for reaching multiple key target audiences
  • a new logo and brand standards
  • the design of numerous products including an e-newsletter, research briefs, social media templates, and collateral materials


As an organization dedicated to research, OPRE sought to ensure that its own dissemination efforts were aligned with audience needs. Limited information was available about how intermediaries and state policymakers—two key OPRE audiences—accessed research information. The agency also had an outdated logo and was in need of compelling visual resources to engage audiences with its research.

Public Strategies worked with OPRE to establish a research context (literature review, dissemination framework and market research) for all recommendations. Applying this information, we formulated specific strategies (integrated strategic marketing plan and audience-specific marketing plans) for optimizing OPRE’s dissemination. We conducted market research interviews with 23 intermediaries and 13 state policymakers from across the nation to guide product design and strategies. (The market research and audience-specific marketing plans were funded jointly by OPRE and The Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, who shared similar audiences and dissemination goals.) Finally, we produced a new brand identity and marketing materials to aid in reaching OPRE’s audiences.

As a result of this comprehensive marketing initiative, OPRE gained:

  • a clearer understanding of its audiences’ needs and preferences
  • a cohesive brand aligned with the organization’s values and identity
  • detailed strategies for successful dissemination

Each project activity built on the knowledge acquired through previous deliverables to ensure research-informed recommendations. Through a strong research foundation and Public Strategies’ marketing acumen, we helped the agency launch new social media channels and significantly increase its email subscribers.

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