Organization Impact Story – OPRE

To ensure that its work is relevant and useful across audiences, The Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE) contracted with Public Strategies to conduct a series of evidence-informed activities to enhance its dissemination. The project included a comprehensive literature review investigating the body of knowledge about disseminating human science research results, development of a framework to exhibit the most effective methods for disseminating information about OPRE’s projects to target audiences, and creation of an Integrated Strategic Marketing Plan.

Through this initiative, Public Strategies helped OPRE 1) formally define its target audiences, 2) identify promising practices from organizations operating in similar fields, 3) establish specific dissemination goals, and 4) highlight the best communication channels, mediums and resources for achieving these objectives.

Public Strategies also pinpointed areas where additional resources or refinements were needed to enhance OPRE’s communications. As a result, OPRE asked Public Strategies to revamp its e-newsletter, design social media strategies and pages, update various collateral materials, and redesign its logo to ensure that its core organizational attributes were properly communicated through this primary visual representation of the brand. Additionally, OPRE and the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) asked Public Strategies to conduct market research interviews with two key groups: intermediaries and state policymakers. The results of these interviews were compiled into two market research reports and also used to inform specific marketing plans on how to most effectively communicate to these audiences.

Through this series of interconnected dissemination activities, Public Strategies used an evidence-based approach to develop comprehensive strategies and compelling resources to transform OPRE’s dissemination to target audiences.