Impact Story – OKDHS

Over the past thirteen years, Public Strategies has partnered with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) to develop and implement a groundbreaking statewide prevention system comprised of innovative strategies to impact families served within OKDHS programs as well as throughout the community. The system includes both center-based services in Oklahoma County and a statewide training and service delivery system using community volunteer professionals and professionals to disseminate research-based education to thousands of Oklahomans each year.

Through this work, OKDHS has been able to approach their mission in a more comprehensive way, effectively integrating new prevention-focused services into traditional human services offerings and identifying other needs of clients outside of what OKDHS staff are able to provide. The innovative public-private partnership with Public Strategies has allowed newfound innovation to provide effective solutions to families’ often complex challenges.

In implementing an educational curriculum to assist TANF clients in communicating better at work and at home, a supervisor at a local human services center noticed that client complaints against caseworkers had decreased significantly since the inception of the new program. As he explored the phenomenon, he saw a trend where clients were better able to articulate their wants and needs using positive communication techniques, which resulted in the caseworkers being able to provide the best support along the path to self-sufficiency. This example of the benefits of the work Public Strategies has done in partnership with OKDHS can be found in numerous other similar stories told by OKDHS leadership and staff throughout the system.

Impact Story – National Healthy Marriage Resource Center

The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center is a one-stop clearinghouse for high quality, balanced, and timely information and resources on healthy marriage ( / The Center has provided resources and training on healthy marriage for experts, researchers, policymakers and others around the country.

“The characteristics of this website exhibit a great source for finding current research and helpful programs for married couples. Clinicians will also find this website useful to find resources for couples in therapy (i.e., homework assignments). The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center website provides an up-to-date, comprehensive overview of national and local resources for academicians, clinicians, and lay individuals.”

Web Site Review. Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy, 8:207–208, 2009

On March 27-30, 2011, The National Council on Juvenile and Family Court Judges put on the National Conference of Juvenile and Family Law in Reno, Nevada. The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center was one of 39 exhibitors. Attendees were a mix of about 600 judges, attorneys, probation officers, court administrators, police, social workers, and other professionals working in the field of juvenile and family law. The honorable Patricia Macias from El Paso, Texas, approached our staff on the first full day of the conference to personally thank us for the contributions of the NHMRC to the field. She described how she did a presentation to more than 600 family court judges in Texas and highlighted the NHMRC, our Web sites, and resources.

“I love the Collection by Topics on the website. They’re super easy to understand and are effective at giving a researcher an overview of the research related to the topic.”

– Ron Cox, PhD Assistant Professor, Extension Specialist at Oklahoma State University

“ is a tremendous resource and [you] have done an outstanding job. It’s so great for the field to have a one-stop-shop of resources and [I’m] highly impressed with the job [you] have done.”

– Pam Jordan, Ph.D., RN, Director of the Becoming Parents Program