Public Strategies has a first-rate reputation for developing and delivering integrated services, including program design, technical assistance, marketing/communications and event management. Public Strategies provides consulting to federal grantees, states and communities about the implementation of best practices and strategies to move research into practice. Additionally, Public Strategies’ in-house marketing division provides comprehensive communications and event management services to businesses, government entities, programs and non-profits.

Public Strategies excels at:

  • Communicating to diverse audiences
  • Designing and developing creative and highly effective behavior change programs
  • Building organizational and program capacity through consulting and technical assistance
  • Moving research into practice
  • Bringing together diverse stakeholders for meaningful dialogue and effective exchanges
  • Marketing products, programs, and entities
  • Building bridges between research/evaluation, implementation and public policy
  • Applying online technologies to advance organizational and program objectives
  • Managing and marketing events
  • Generating innovative solutions to complex social problems utilizing a multi-disciplinary staff