Below are some of our core areas of expertise.

Creating Effective Partnerships

Government agencies and private businesses share many common goals. Too often, however, they do not share the language or the tools needed to effectively work together. Public Strategies partners with high-level public officials and community leaders to provide critical guidance, strategic planning and implementation services. We can pilot programs, facilitate leadership forms, convene experts and enhance public ventures through activities such as:

Customize solutions for public sector clients. For example, in 2003, Public Strategies was asked by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services to design and implement a comprehensive social service program targeting low-income couples expecting a child. This program resulted in an evidence-based program serving thousands of expectant couples each year in Oklahoma County. This innovative program has well-documented positive impacts and is being replicated in other communities.

Provide training and learning opportunities for partners. Employers may not seek government-funded programs for their services without an effective intermediary who understands the needs of the business community. Public Strategies delivers a publicly funded relationship education course to the business community through its Winning the Workplace Challenge program.

Manage and market public programs or services. Public Strategies brings the resources and capabilities of a private marketing firm to every project. We have partnered with government entities to highlight their services and develop marketing plans to reach target audiences.

Monitor and report on project implementation benchmarks. If something is not documented in a management information system, it did not happen. Public Strategies understands that government agencies need to document and measure program operations. We have strong systems for measuring outcomes and use this data to manage our implementation efforts.

Conduct field research. Field research conducted by Public Strategies can lead to program adjustments that advance the project goals. Because program and service delivery adjustments are made in a timely manner, Public Strategies has garnered the trust of state and national officials.

Examples of partnerships where Public Strategies has worked collaboratively with the public sector include:


Title of Project

Public Partner

Services Rendered


Promise Neighborhoods

Oklahoma City Public Schools

Develop a strategy for child success, beginning at birth and through high school graduation, to include educational, employment, community and provider engagement and other strategies in community transformation.


Oklahoma Marriage Initiative

Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Develop and manage a statewide training network and a web-based system for managing thousands of trainees in the delivery of community based services; extensive training in service delivery strategies to every kind of human services organization; develop program/curriculum adaptations; execute large- and small-scale events.


National Healthy Marriage Resource Center

U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Family Assistance

Design and implement a web-based clearinghouse; manage communications strategy for the dissemination of marriage and relationship education resources to professionals and policymakers; develop products and convene the field to share lessons learned.


Moving Research to Practice

Evidence-based Practice
Research and promising practices are at the core of effective human services. Public Strategies strives to develop relationships with the research community and bridge the gap with practice. We have established a Research Advisory Group to guide the actions of the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative and Family Expectations. We have also participated in rigorous research and evaluation studies and led surveys and focus groups to inform various initiatives and programs. Examples include:

  • Public Strategies conducted focus groups with low-income expectant couples, analyzed existing services, reviewed educational materials and met with potential community partners to design the Family Expectations Program.
  • Public Strategies convened an interdisciplinary and bi-partisan team of researchers in the fields of sociology, psychology and economics to inform a statewide healthy marriage strategy in two states; this team developed a survey instrument that has been replicated by other states.

Building Strong Families and Communities

Public Strategies has built its national reputation on efforts to strengthen families. Beginning with the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative, which built capacity through existing social services providers and networks throughout Oklahoma, and working directly with expectant couples in our Family Expectations program, Public Strategies has expanded to strengthen families through literacy, parenting and employment programs for Oklahomans.

Family Expectations
Public Strategies launched Family Expectations in the fall of 2005 and was responsible for recruiting participants, delivering services and reporting outcomes. Since 2005, we have served more than 7,500 parents of new babies. Family Expectations is the largest initiative of its kind in the United States. It grew from six employees to a staff of 70 in just two years. More than 100 couples/families enroll every month and can choose from an average of seven educational workshops per week. In addition to the workshops, a number of family support and supplemental activities are provided.

It’s My Community Initiative
Our mission statement is more than just words. We put those words into action. In partnership with our non-profit sister organization, It’s My Community Initiative, and other community and business leaders, our mission of helping others is realized through various programs benefiting children and families in our community:

  1. Whatever It Takes Northeast OKC – A place-based, education-focused program modeled after Harlem Children’s Zone and creates a pathway from birth to college to career to ensure the success of children.
  2. Reading Explorers – A robust elementary school reading program giving students opportunities for brighter futures by helping them to read at grade-level, thereby improving their rates of high school graduation and successful futures.
  3. Work Ready Oklahoma – A best-practices employment service that helps financially vulnerable individuals succeed in the workplace.